Sunday 20 November 2016

A short note of solidarity - Transgender Day of Remembrance 2016

Transgender Day of Remembrance has, and always should have, a rightful place in the calendar of trans people and their allies, as a marker of respect and solidarity with those paying the ultimate price for simply being themselves.  The names on this list, those murdered around the world for being trans number nearly 300 this year and is a known underestimate.

These names do not feel foreign or distant, despite my absolute luck to be living in a country like the UK.  They feel like friends, or even family that I never knew and their loss felt as keenly.  Because we shared a deep kinship.  Despite the distances between our many cultures, a familiarity within the wide variety of transgender experiences permeates – simply seeking a place in the world where we can be ourselves, without apology; to live and love and succeed in life.  Simple, human, needs.

TDoR reminds me, and us all, of the great disparity around the world for trans people.  It leaves raw my own extreme privilege at being able to life my life, as fully as I do; while others in the world don’t just struggle for their basic human rights, but against violence and for their very lives.  If it weren’t for the sheer luck of the country and family I was born into, that would just as easily have been me, or any of us.

The silver lining, is the solidarity felt at this time of year.  The luck and privilege surrounding my trans experience, must be the default.  As an instinct, survival is a powerful one to draw us together and continue to make sure no one, in any country or culture, is left behind.

Mourn, remember and respect those kin on Sunday.  On Monday, we have work to do.

Much love at this time of year,

Ayla x

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